ME (Myself) and Deboe

Brit folk’n’roll, touching voices and hispanic grooves:
three magical ingredients that make “ME and Deboe” the perfect band to start the new musical season of Verona well.

The notes played by Elise and Sarah are like a warm light spring wind: these two fascinating guitarists and singers from London came here in Verona on Friday 3rd of March, precisely at the “Osteria ai Preti“.

For the interview, Riccardo the photographer and me asked Alessandro, the kind owner of the pub, if it was possible to ask the girls some questions. He took us to Elise and Sarah who were drinkng a soda.
It was weird to see musicians not boozing before a concert.

From right to left: Elise Mercy, Sarah Deboe and Raul (me).

I looked at them: they were smiling at us with a reassuring gaze, which was able to make me forget the fear of saying something stupid during the interview.
Those friendly girls wreck the stereotypes taught by American movies about the “not-so-friendly-Brit-people“.
You know, Hooligans, Thatcher and so on.

That’s the “not-so-friendly-Brit-person” who I mean.

We talked about their Italian tour, which ended on the 5th March in Vicenza, and how they appreciated our Country.
Going deeper into the conversation, they talked about their philosophy in music and their hope of being considered “humans” to the listener.
At first sight this affirmation could sound odd, but it’s not: imagine being a cute girl, travelling with another cute girl from pub to pub to play music. Often the kind of pub where people use belches as commas.
Not so polite, isn’t it?
In spite of that, they really love travelling abroad, meeting new people (more or less civilized) and playing music: and they seem really self-confident.
When I was talking with them face to face what hit me most were their glances: the eyes were shining with the kind of light that catches you because of their energy.
An unquestionable fact which proves how much they love what they do.
Or that they were on acids.
Or both.

They talked about their EPs: the namesake “ME and Deboe” and “Here they Come“, as well as their catchy covers of Running Up That Hills and Come Together  and how they love to interpret all kind of songs: from Smells Like Teen Spirits to Another Brick in the Wall. Then they confessed that they’re writing new songs for a new album.

In the lapse fo time that divides the umpteenth listening of “Forward” from the third EP, these two girls decided to play some of the new songs. I love these girls.

An empty stage, only two guitars, a couple of Boss TU-2 and two unidentified effects: presumibly an octaver and a phaser; I’m not sure about it. But I’m pretty sure about their capo: they are endorser of the “G7th The Capo Company“. Good ones.

They started.

The girls were standing alone, holding their instruments, smiling and radiating happiness.
Sarah’s crimson hair, Elise’s Amelie-style fringe, and a bunch of drunk guys who for the first time in their lives have experimented the sensation of not desiring a woman just in the way they have inherited from the chimpanzee’s chromosomes.
The girls were dressing black with floreal patterns.
The spectators were dressed with their anonymous faces.

From the first note they played I understood immediatly how much experience they have: excellent musicians, smart and totally at ease on the stage.

Elise has got an angelic voice, warm timbre and a really deep tremolo; she plays guitar with passion using the sound box of her guitar as a percussion during her partner rhythmics parts.
Sarah has got a deep and voluptuous voice: a perfect duo that makes their vocal parts harmonious and catchy. She plays guitar as if is a part of her.

Their ability in playing and singing mixed with their British charm, made the exhibition captivating as a PJ Harvey song.
Like the Yin and the Yang they complete each other, transforming the metallic noise of the string into a french kiss.

Listening to ME and Deboe makes you feel like you were in love: you’re full and empty at the same time. That kind of paradoxal sensation probably felt by Ulysses when he heard the singing of the sirens.
Listening to the songs on the internet was exciting: listen to them in live was a kind of great fuck for the ears.

End of the concert: I came back home; I thought about the concert; I fell asleep.
I woke up in the morning; I thought about the concert; I fell asleep.
And again, and again.
That’s what happens when you go to a concert of the ME and Deboe: like Alice, you go down in an hypnotic spiral. No way out. And your only desire is to stay in that cradle, rocked by their voices, as much as you can.
An anaesthetic that doesn’t need prescription.

Raul Fabio Riva

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